BitTrain Introduction

BitTrain Introduction

BitTrain is founded with a desire for surging working performance results and project management ability for both project managers and enterprises. Therefore, our vision is: Advocating project management as a profession, helping project managers and the organization become successful today and in the future!

BitTrain Consulting and Training Co., Ltd. is founded by Mr. Hoang Sy Quy, PMP, CMMI, PMI-ACP, CSM, A-CSM, ICP-ACC, ICP-ATF, ICP-CAT, ICP-ENT, Scrum@Scale. He has more than 15 years of experience in project management including entrepreneur management, practical project management for foreign customers which are met the standards of PMP, PMI-ACP, CMMI, Agile/Scrum.


Below are our key  services

BitTrain Introduction



1. Online PMP, PMI-ACP Training, and Exam Preparation

Because the knowledge of management is huge, learners can not study within one or two weeks. The strategy is “Flexibility & small rain lays great dust”, BitTrain designs online courses that allow the learners to study day by day, learn from anywhere, anytime and optimize the cost & reach marvelous efficiency.


Besides online learning with the trainers every week, the learners will be learning on an E-learning site. In which, the learners can watch videos, complete tests to fulfill the gaps. Therefore, learners will proactively make their own plans in learning paths and systemize their knowledge.


The important point is that learners have chances to take the high-quality practice trial tests as real as the PMP/ PMI-ACP tests on our testing system. These help the learners be confident and be sure of their performance to pass the exams.


According to the information from PMI Institute, 80 percent of PMP exam participants fail the first time. However, the rate of passing PMP, PMI-ACP exams of BitTrain’s learners is 90 percent.

It means that the online training services of BitTrain are highly effective. Besides that, BitTrain brings to learners many benefits as below:


- Saving cost and time 

  • Spending 150 hours learning with our trainers instead of 200 hours to 400 hours learning by yourself.
  • Getting PMP, PMI-ACP certificates after 2.5 to 3.5 months learning with us instead of 6 to 10 months by ownself learning.

- Profitableness: being shared practical project management experiences from the lecturer and classmates.

- Flexibility: Learning from anywhere, anytime: in the office, at home, in a coffee shop, ….

- Networking: Knowing more new friends from other companies, other cities, …

- Aggressiveness: Joining a class will motivate each learner in having qualified plans for taking the exam and having a certificate (this is the most important point to get PMP certificate fastest)

- High efficiency: low cost, the learners not only learn the theory but also the practical from the lecturer with high pass rate and get a certificate within 2.5 or 3 months.

2. Practical Project management training

In many enterprises, Project managers (PMs) are those who have outstanding working results and are elected to be team leaders, project managers or higher positions.  

The problem here is they are almost all technicians. They do not have knowledge and experience in management or even they do not like to work as managers. Therefore, when the companies appoint them to be managers the companies will lose professional technicians because they must spend full time working as both technicians and managers. The uncertain thing is whether they perform their job completely or become skillful managers?

Realizing that fact, BitTrain has designed online courses which match the standards of PMP, CMMI, Agile/ Scrum in order to help project managers to fill their gaps in management knowledge, skills, practical experience for higher working efficiency, save the resources or increase project values for enterprises.


We consider that the learner is the center. Hence, we focus on training and providing the best skills of project management knowledge for the learners that they are able to apply and manage effectively for any project of enterprises. Learning methods of BitTrain are as below:
  • The learners will be trained and practiced through real situations or simulate software or software emulated from Switzerland.

  • The learners will share real examples from the real projects.

  • The trainer will focus on training and guiding the learner to deal with their real challenges.



3. Consulting project management with modes of Agile/ Scrum l, PMP or CMMI

With the experts who all have over 15-year extreme experience in this industry, BitTrain is willing to help enterprises with transformation projects, project management performance training under Agile/ Scrum, PMP, CMMI standards effectively and soonest.

Consulting professional skills for software producing companies in order to enhance power for teams with Agile approach as UX/UI design, TĐ (test-driven development), automation testing, CI (continuous deployment), DevOps.


4. Quality management system (QMS), Organizational Process Assets consulting

In many enterprises, they usually establish departments like PMO, PM departments to build and standardize process assets. Those help enterprises having profits such as:

- Enhancing the professional of project management method

- Saving time for project management

- Project management improvement from previous projects. Therefore, the failures will not be repeated in the future for new projects.

- Enterprises will not be negative affected when a good project manager left

With extremely experts in this industry who have been training and working with many projects for big domestic and foreign companies. BitTrain believes that we will bring many valuations to our customers.


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